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Help: HEAL

Help Heal

If you were looking for help on the Heal spell, see 'help heal spell'.

Syntax:  heal            : List heal options, keywords, and costs
        heal <keyword>  : Buy given healer option

The 'heal' command is used to interact with an in-room healer mobile, such
as the priestess north of recall.  Healers are able to sell healing and
curative spells, for a price.

Type 'heal' in a room with a healer mobile to find the charges for each
spell.  If there is no healer in the room you're in, you will be told such.

Type heal with the desired argument to purchase that spell.  It will be
cast only once; you may need to buy it again if it is unsuccessful.  Also,
note that some healers are more powerful than others.  If you are having
difficulty getting a successful casting, you may want to find a different
healer.  (Rumor has it that clan healers generally get more business and
are thus a bit more experienced than their counterparts out in the field.)

Healer mobiles will give out (for free) a few spells to players level 20
and under, if that player is willing to wait for them.  This is best
accomplished in rooms that do not have a lot of other traffic.

There is also a video which shows what to do at a healer on Aardwolf:


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