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Help: Eat

Help Eat

Syntax: drink (<object>)
        gulp (<object>)
        eat <object>

Being hungry and thirsty will not kill you, but you will find yourself
healing at a much slower rate, even while sleeping.  To fix this, '
eat' or
drink' something.

You can eat anything marked as type 'food', whether it's food from a 
merchant (like the Eatery in Aylor, '
runto bakery'), or carried on 
other monsters.

You can drink from a drink container like a waterskin (available from the
grocer in Aylor, '
runto groceries'), or from an in-room drink source like the
fountain in the Academy Courtyard (from recall, '
run u3n').  Some 
liquids (like milk and orange juice) will help both hunger and thirst; a 
few (like salt water) may actually decrease fullness.

Fullness is listed in '
score' and also available in a compact form by 
using the command '
hunger'.  You can never be more than 100% full; 
also, eating is not possible when over 90% full, though it is possible to 
drink when hydrated. 

Note:  Potions are not considered drinks for purposes of thirst, but pills
are affected by your (in)ability to eat because of fullness.

If you are particularly thirsty, you can '
gulp' rather than 'drink'.
This will drink until one of the following conditions occur:

      - Your drink container becomes empty.
      - You become drunk.
      - Your thirst is quenched.
      - You become full.

After any of these conditions are met, '
gulp' acts the same as 'drink'.

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