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Help: Duel

Help Duel

Syntax:  challenge <player>  : Issue a challenge to a player.
        challenge withdraw  : Stop a challenge to a player.
        challenge history  : Show recent duel outcomes.
        challenge          : Show outstanding challenges.
        duel                : Toggle seeing announces of others' duels.
        nochallenge        : Toggle your willingness to duel.

Players in Aardwolf have the ability to challenge each other to a duel
in a private room, away from interference. Deaths in the dueling area do
not count as real deaths and no loss occurs. Your total duels won and lost
can be seen in your '
whois' page. Other players viewing your 'whois' will
only see wins, not losses.

The basic syntax to challenge another player is '
challenge <playername>'.
Once challenged, a player can either '
accept duel <challenger name>' and
be transferred to the duel rooms, or '
decline duel <challenger name>'.
Typing '
challenge' by itself will show any challenges you currently have
waiting to be accepted/declined.  '
challenge withdraw' will rescind your
current challenge.

To see duel messages, use the '
duel' command, which toggles that channel 
on or off. The numbers displayed in the messages on this channel are the
players' number of tiers, morts, levels, and trained stats.  You may also
see a history of recent duels (up to the last 100) by typing '
'.  This will show the combatants' statistics as well as who won and

Players who are willing to fight in duels can be found in '
who duel'. You
may toggle whether or not you wish to show on this list by typing
nochallenge'.  Those who do not want to participate will show in 'who
'.  'who induel' will show people who are currently fighting.

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