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Aardwolf helpfiles for category : Clans
Amalgamate : The Rogues clan skill
Amazon clan : Information about the Amazon clan.
Aresajipe : Information on Romani's clan skill.
Baal : Information about the clan 'Baal'.
Balance : Information on the Disciples of Hassan clan skill.
Bard : Information on the Bard clan.
Boot Camp : Information about the Boot Camp clan
Bounty : Set a bounty on a raider's head.
Cabal : Information about the Cabal clan.
Calliopes Song : Bard clan skill to lure a mob towards the singer.
Chaos : Information about the chaos clan.
Clan Skills : Clan-specific abilities.
Clanadmin : Clan information/management command.
Clanallies : Overview of the clan alliance system.
Clandisband : Policies for struggling clans.
Clandonate : Allows you to donate gold to your clan.
Claninfo : Will give information on clan related details.
Clanleaders : Policies/information regarding clan leadership.
Clanobjchanges : Rules regarding changing existing clan objects.
Clanqpdonate : Allows you to donate Quest Points to your clan.
Clans : Aardwolf's themed mini-communities.
Clanspying : Details on the 'clan spying' code.
Clantrans : Allows a leader to create transporters for clan members
Clist : Will give a listing of the clans in Aardwolf.
Comprehension : Information about the clanskill 'comprehension'
Corrupt : Baal Clan skill to pervert their enemies.
Craft : Amazon V1 clan skill.
Crimson : Information on the Crimson Horde clan.
Crusader : Information on the Crusaders clan.
Crusader-Joining : Information on joining Crusaders clan.
Daoine : Information on the Daoine Sidhe clan.
Defend : Defending allies during raids.
Delerium : Information on the Daoine Sidhe clan skill.
Disciple : Information about the Disciples of Hassan clan.
Dominion : Information on the Dominion clan.
Dragon : Information about the White Dragon clan.
DragonGate : The Dragon clan skill.
Dragonlance : The Imperium clan skill.
Druid : Information about the Druid clan.
Emerald : Information about the Emerald clan.
Eq-Clanremove : Policy regarding removal of clan equipment.
Extension : Information about the clanskill 'Extension'
Gaardian : Information about the Midgaardian Publishing Group.
Hook : Information about the Hook clan.
Imperium : Information on the Imperium clan.
Knights of Perdition: Information about the Knights of Perdition clan.
Lifechant : Druid skill helping the unlucky cheat death.
Light : Information about the Light clan.
Loner : Option to avoid clan life altogether.
Loqui : Information about the Loqui clan.
Masaki : Information on the Masaki clan.
Nocskill : Provides response if no help file exists for V2 skill.
Nopk : Requirements for NOPK clans.
Nov2skill : Provides response for V2 cskills w/o helpfile.
Outcast : What happens when leaving a clan.
Pyre : Information about the Soul Pyre clan.
Raiding : Overview of Aardwolf clan raiding.
Raidparty : Details on how to create a raiding party.
Raidstats : Description of the RAIDSTAT command.
Raidtimers : Information on the various raiding timeouts.
Research : Twinlobe's clan skill.
Retribution : Information on the Retribution clan.
Rhabdo : Information on the Rhabdo clan.
Rogues : Information about The Lost Rogues.
Romani : Information on the Romani clan.
Sanctify : The Light clan skill.
Seek : The Seekers clan skill.
Seekers : Information about the Seekers clan.
Shadokil : Information about the Shadokil clan.
Stabilize : Information on Cabal's clan skill.
Suicide : Description of the suicide command.
Tanelorn : Information about the TANELORN clan.
Tao : Information on the Creation of Tao clan.
Touchstone : Information on the House of Touchstone clan.
Traitor : Players that have committed crimes against their clan.
Treasure hunt : The Hook clan skill.
Twinlobe : Information about the Twinlobe clan.
Upgrade Requests : Procedure for requesting a manor/clan upgrade.
Vanir : Information on the Vanir clan.
Vortex : The Emerald clan skill.
Warriors Pride : Amazon V2 clan skill.
Watchmen : Information about the Watchmen clan.
Xunti : Information on the Xunti Cult Clan.
invade : Command used to invade a another clan area.
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