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Help: Consider

Help Consider


    consider <monster>


Type '
consider <monster name>' to see your chances of defeating the monster
  in combat.
Type '
consider' to see your chances of defeating all of the monsters in 
  the room.


Consider tells you what your chances are of killing a monster.  Of course,
it's only a rough estimate, based purely on your level versus the target's.
It does not take stats and special abilities into account.

The consider ratings are:

Consider Message                                        Relative Mob Level

You would stomp <mob> into the ground.                        -20 and below
<mob> would be easy, but is it even worth the work out?      -10 to -19
No Problem! <mob> is weak compared to you.                    -5 to -9
<mob> looks a little worried about the idea.                  -2 to -4
<mob> should be a fair fight!                                  -1 to +1
<mob> snickers nervously.                                      +2 to +4
<mob> chuckles at the thought of you fighting him/her.        +5 to +9
Best run away from <mob> while you can!                      +10 to +15
Challenging <mob> would be either very brave or very stupid.  +16 to +20
<mob> would crush you like a bug!                            +21 to +30
<mob> would dance on your grave!                              +31 to +40
<mob> says 'BEGONE FROM MY SIGHT unworthy!'                  +41 to +50
You would be completely annihilated by <mob>!                +51 and above

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