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Help: Compare

Help Compare

Syntax: compare <item1> <item2>  : Compare two items
        compare <item1> details  : Show detailed score comparison.
        compare <item1>          : Compare single item to wear locations.
        compare <item1> all      : As above, but also carried equipment.
        compare <wear-loc>        : Compare worn item to all other items.
                                    (Type 'wearable' for list of wear locs)
        compare set              : Shows/changes stat scores.
        compare ... wearable      : Limit results to wearable gear only.
        compare ... containers    : Search inside containers also.

The equipment scoring system allows you to compare equipment to determine 
which is better. The definition of 'better' varies based on player 
preference, so a scoring system is used in which you allocate points 
based on your own choices.

To compare one carried item to another, type '
compare <item1> <item2>'-
compare sword dagger', for example.  You will see which item is better and
how much difference in score exists between the two items.  For weapons,
you will also see a comparison of their average damages (without any other
modifiers).  To see a detailed breakdown of the points given to each item
compared, add the extra argument '
details' ('compare axe dagger details').

You may also compare a carried item against all worn equipment in the same
location by typing '
compare <item>'.  Adding 'all' after the item name will
compare the item to not only worn equipment, but also any other equipment
in your inventory that can be worn in the same location.  Any items carried
in containers will not be listed on '

You may append '
wearable' to any version of the compare command to limit
items to only what is currently wearable (not restricted by level, anti-
alignment flags, etc.).  You may also search inside carried containers by
using '
containers' or 'bags' as an argument- 'compare bracer all bags' or
compare word all wearable', for example.

You may use '
compare set <attribute> <value>' to change a particular value
associated with an attribute, and to check your distribution of values,
you may use '
compare set all'.

Note that the compare score also appears in identify and similar commands,
allowing you to compare against items that you are not carrying (in shop
inventories, on auction or market, etc.).  Also keep in mind that these
scores vary based on the user doing the identify; your score may not match
the output posted on a forsale note. 

As the compare feature is more fully implemented, you will see options to
filter auction lists, shop inventory, and the like by items with a minimum
score or items considered "better" based on your compare settings.

NOTE: Compare/item values are a guideline.  There are cases where a higher
score does not necessarily make a piece better.  Aardwolf Boots of Speed
have a stat value, but there's no way to give a value to the usefulness of
the haste effect that's also added.  Similarly, a high Luck compare value
may give a piece a high score, but may be less useful than other piece if
you are already gaining the maximum Luck possible from spells/equipment.

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