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Centaurs are half-horse half-human with the lower body of a horse
and the upper part of a human. They make excellent rangers and are
average at all other classes except thieves mainly due to their
large bodies and low agility. Centaurs must be careful against
opponents who can bash them, but are not easily bothered by pesky
piercing attacks.

                        STR  INT  WIS  DEX  CON LUCK
Centaur Start Stats    :  14  13  14  11  13  14
Training Costs        :  0  +1  -1  +1  -1    0

Permanent Affects      : None.
Permanent Skills      : Kick.

NOTE: Stats are very important on Aardwolf. See 'help train' and 'help
      raceinfo' for information on max stats and the training costs.

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