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Help Area Replacements

Stock ROM Replacements

The following areas are considered stock ROM areas and will be replaced.
New Thalos (Charneus)    - Antrocity

The areas Descent to Hell, Kerofk and Underdark may or may not
be replaced; while they are not included with the stock ROM distribution,
they are common and freely available.

Copyright Replacements

The following areas require a rewrite using a new theme. The areas and
equipment in the areas will not change, but their themes are based upon
copyrighted material.
Crazybabe        Earth Plane 4 (Garl)          - Birth of Magic   
Gamble          The Drageran Empire (Domain)  -   

Existing Replacements

The areas listed below have already been converted and replaced or, in a
few cases, completely removed from the game.

Former Area                  Replacement
Adventurer's Wayhouse        Wayward Alehouse
Antharia                      Wildwood
Arachnos                      Den of Thieves
Arboria                      Ruins of Stormhaven
Casino                        The Sanguine Tavern
Castle Reinhold              Aerial City of Cineko
City of Amador                Rosewood Castle
Chapel Catacombs              Necromancer's Guild
Courts of Chaos              House of Cards
Coven                        Sheila's Cat Sanctuary
Crystalimir Lake              The Maelstrom
Cthos Mishrak                Keep of Kearvek
Dangerous Neighborhood        Chaprenula's Laboratory
Death's Gate                  The Partroxis
Doom & Gloom                  Removed
Dragon Cult                  Removed
Dragon Mountain              Broken Halls of Horath
Dragon Tower                  Hatchling Aerie
Drow City                    Fort Terramire
Dune                          The Witches of Omen Tor
Dwarven Catacombs            Chasm and Catacombs
Dwarven Kingdom              Keep of the Kobaloi
Elemental Canyon              Canyon Memorial Hospital
Empire of Tsuranuanni        Empire of Aiighialla
Falcovnia                    Realm of the Firebird
Galaxy                        Realm of the Zodiac
Gnome Village                Cradlebrook
Goblin Path                  Path of the Believer
Great Pyramid                Jungles of Verume
Highlands                    Removed
High Tower of Sorcery        Sho'aram, Castle in the Sand
History of the Black Adder    Intrigues of Times Past
Isle of Quake                Removed
Keep of Mahn-Tor              Shadows of Minos
Lands of Dominia              Fractured Lands
Land of the Fire Newts        The Fire Swamp
Lenny's House                Removed
Market Road                  Gypsy Caravan
Mega-City One                Removed
Miden'nir                    Art of Melody
Midgaard                      The Grand City of Aylor
Mirror Realm                  Thandeld's Conflict
Mob Factory '97              Forest of Li'dnesh
Moria                        Removed
Mount Olympus                Swordbreaker's Hoard
Mossflower Wood              Sagewood Grove
Myst                          Removed
New Ofcol                    Cloud City of Gnomalin
Ofcol                        Removed
Old Thalos                    Removed
Onslaught of Chaos            Rebellion of the Nix
Orchard                      Kimr's Farm
Pirate Ship                  Blighted Tundra of Andarin
The Prison                    Removed
Ranger Heaven                Ascension Bluff Nursing Home         
Rat's Lair                    Jotunheim
Realm of Evil Heroes          Realm of Infamy
River of Despair              Mudwog's Swamp
Rokugan, the Shadowlands      Nenukon and the Far Country
Sands of Sorrow              Land of Legend
Sewers                        Removed
Shadar Logoth                The Trouble with Gwillimberry
Shayol Ghul                  Mount duNoir
Smurf Heaven                  Ranger Heaven
Smurf Village                The Wobbly Woes of Woobleville
Soulblade                    Glamdursil
Stardock                      Dhalgora Outlands   
Star Wars                    Imperial Nation 
Stonekeep                    The Relinquished Tombs     
STTNG                        Storm Ships of Lem-Dagor
STTNG: New Vertigo            Prosper Island
Temple of the White Lotus    Kingsholm
Thalos                        Dortmund
The Fortress of Angband      Blood Opal of Rauko'ra
The Port                      Brightsea & Glimmerdim
Town of Solace                Town of Solan
Ultima                        Adventures in Sendhia
Valley of the Elves          Sundered Vale
Winterfell                    Winterlands
Wyvern's Tower                Giant's Pet Store

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