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Help Area Quests

Unlike normal quests from Questor, you do not "go on" area quests; they are
simply puzzles hidden within areas.  Many of these have different rewards,
including the possibility of special equipment or a portal leading to the 
area.  With very few exceptions, area quests are isolated- everything needed 
is usually in the area with the quest.  Not all areas have an area quest, and
there's no easy way to distinguish which do and which do not until you find 
them. Many area quests have been converted into the more handy goal system 
(see '
help goals').

There are any number of things you may have to do to solve an area quest.
These usually (but not always) include interacting with a mobile in some 
fashion- giving a certain mob gold or equipment, saying something in 
particular, and/or using a social on the mob or to a room.  Clues are often
given in descriptions of rooms, objects, and mobiles, as well as through
listening to mobiles with the '
listen' command.

It is not illegal to give people hints and advice on area quests but we do
ask that you avoid just giving them the entire answer, particularly on
those puzzles that are never needed for normal quests and have special
rewards at the end.  You are encouraged to explore the areas for yourself
and solve the puzzles on your own.  If you are just plain stuck after
trying everything you can think of, feel free to see if anyone on the
question channel feels like giving out some hints.

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