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Class: Warrior

Warriors live for combat and the thrill of battle. They are the best fighters of all the classes, but lack the subtle skills of thieves and the magical talents of mages and priests. Warriors are best for those who don't mind taking the direct approach, even when another method might be called for. Warriors begin with skill in the sword. The warrior's primary stat is Strength.

The most important stats for a warrior are Strength (damage), Constitution (armor value) and Dexterity (number of hits).

Warrior Subclasses:


Special skills/spells available to characters with the warrior primary class:

  Shield block
  Fifth attack
  Sixth attack
  Hammering blow
  Death blow

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Suggested Races for Warrior:

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Suggested Races for Warrior:

Dwarf    : Short, sturdy demi-humans from deep within the earth.
Giant    : Hearty race of oversized humans with mighty strength.
Lizardman: Cold-blooded humanoids with reptilian scales.
Triton  : Warriors of their natural habitat, the ocean.
Troll    : Big, tough humanoids with amazing regenerative ability.
Vampire  : Fearsome dwellers of the night. Masters of the undead.
Wolfen  : Agile canine-humans, natural hunters of the realm.

Other races available: Centaur, Dark elf, Diva, Eldar, Elf, Half-Griffon,
                      Halfling, Human, Quickling, Ratling, Shadow, Sprite

More details on each race are available by typing 'help <racename>'


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