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Clans: Outcast


Help Outcast

Syntax: unoutcast

If you leave a clan, whether by choice or force, you become an 'Outcast'.
Outcasts cannot join a clan and can still attack and be attacked by clan
members in the special PK rooms.

There should be little reason to leave a clan; the clan theme and rules are
made clear to you before you join the clan and you accept those rules.
Extreme cases (clans not regarding a given theme at all, leadership abuse,
etc.) may have Imm intervention, but '<leader> is a <insert expletive> and 
didn't do what I wanted!' is an issue left to you and your clan. 

To remove outcast status, type 'unoutcast'.  There is a fee of 25,000 gold
per level (current, not total level).

What if my leaders aren't active, or ignore my note?
Sometimes, leaders are unavailable to outcast players (AFK, not logged in,
etc.).  If leaders are not on regularly to request outcasting, post a note
to Imm and your clan leaders' names on Personal board.  If you have 
received no response from clan leaders within 48 hours of posting the note,
you may contact an Imm to have him/her outcast you.

Leaders may not outright refuse outcast requests.  This does not mean,
however, that it is unreasonable for them to ask for a few hours to think
about the situation, cool off after an argument, etc.  If the timeframe is
unreasonable or this tactic is used multiple times (and can be validated),
Imms may take immediate action.

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