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White Robes

Formerly known as Chaos Helpers and denoted as {CH}. This sect was formerly responsible for guiding new spellcasters of Aardwolf. Today that role has evolved to include several additional duties.

The White Robes of {CHAoS} are the public relations sect of the clan. Generally, White Robes are responsible for running public events, classes, and providing aid to young spellcasters. White Robes are often the chief recruiters for {CHAoS}, and are expected to network with the mud to further that end.

White Robes are expected not only to be outgoing but also to have extensive mud knowledge. This is important both for planning events as well as aiding newer players.

If you'd like to try the White Robes on and see if it's for you, just let us know. We can always fit one more in, and are here to teach what you need to know about us and events.

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