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The Grey Robes

The members of the Grey Robes are mostly secretive and somewhat geekish in nature - usually you get to see their names when a global quest victory is announced, or you might notice them dying to stupendously strong mobs, after a new area has been put in.

You might consider the Grey Robes as the alchemists of the MUD world. We are ever seeking the to understand the inner workings of our surroundings, study puzzles, or to find the ultimately short speedwalk.

One of the most important properties of being a member of Grey Robes is patience - we can spend a few hours making a map of new area, or put much time in collecting eq information, but this does not mean we are dull, slow-motion players however. Our adrenaline rush comes from global questing, puzzle solving, and other intellectual pursuits. Insight into Grey Robes shows they are often kind and thoughtful.

After spending countless hours solving puzzles and socializing with other explorers, we have developed a specific sense of humour - expect some sarcasm, and niche jokes.

If some of this applies to you, then you might have the bug that makes for a great Grey Robe. Our fellowship can surely squeeze in another candidate.

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