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The Black Robes

The Black Robes of {CHAoS} are the enforcers and guardians of the clan. They have undergone many different incarnations in the long history of the clan. Previously, they were known as the {CHAoS} Enforcers, or {ce} for short. Back then, the title of {ce} was only given to those who possessed outstanding ability and skill in defending the clan against raid attempts. This was a distinct honour, for it also meant that the {ce} in question had demonstrated exemplary dedication to the clan by spending significant time as a Superhero in order to protect the clan against any external threats.

With the advent of V2, raiding was disabled for more than a year and a half as the mud slowly adjusted to the new paradiagm. With no need to defend the clan, the {ce} went underground. There were some who thought that {CHAoS} had decided to disband this sub-group, seeing no need for this group of people performing an unneccessary function. They were wrong. {ce} merely shifted its focus towards other aspects of inter-clan warfare, such as PK and wars. In the meantime, they bidded their time, honing their skills and preparing for the day on which their services would be needed again.

As the {ce} quietly consolidated their knowledge, they also began to instruct Chaotics who expressed their interest in picking up PK skills, and not just at the Superhero level. Over time, this gave rise to a new Order - the Order of the Black robes. Led by those highly experienced in the art of the PK, raiding and defence, members of the Order of Black Robes focus their skills towards both self-defence and pre-emptive strikes. It is the Black robes who defend {CHAoS} and her allies against those who would seek to invade their clan halls. It is also the Black Robes who come to the aid of Chaotics and members of allied clans who are under attack by members of enemy clans. The Black Robes also carry out raids against the enemies of {chaos}, and attack members of enemy clans who would seek to harm {CHAoS} and Chaotics. It is the Black Robes who prove that {CHAoS} will respond with decisive action should words fail in her dealings with unreasonable clans.

To be a Black Robe is not just to sit back and rest in the assurance of one's superiority in PK, raiding and defence. It is to test and prove this superiority, both through friendly duels and engaging in true battlefield conditions. It is through these forging fires that their PK tactics and skills are refined. To be a Black Robe is to constantly seek new and better ways of doing things, to improve techniques and constantly aim to be the best there is in the PK arena.

The Black Robes are the steel behind the neutral facade of {CHAoS}.

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