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The killstealing rules on Aardwolf are fairly straightforward.  If you
see a mob with the
(Wounded) flag, and you didn't wound it yourself, don't 
attack it.  If you see someone else fighting one mob and fleeing, don't
kill that mob, even if it doesn't have a (wounded) flag.  If nobody else is
in the area for a few minutes running, the mob stays untouched for a long
time, there are no player corpses at the mob, etc., then you may consider
attacking it; however, if you miscalculate, it's your problem.  We really
don't want to have to mandate precise timing rules.

Each player only has rights to one mob at a time.  If a player wounds
a second mob without killing the first, his/her rights to the first mob are
gone.  Purposely wounding a mob and then moving to another to claim both
mobs is illegal, whether by directly wounding mobs or making them
undesirable to others (change of alignment, etc.).

Area-effect skills/spells allow a player to attack multiple targets at
once.  This is allowed; however, if this player is removed from the fight
(via flee, teleport, death, etc.), he/she only has claim to one mob upon
returning to the room, regardless of how many mobs may have the (wounded)

Also, do not interfere in other peoples' battles.  It is illegal to spell
up or heal mobs.  This violates the spirit of how playerkilling is supposed
to work on Aardwolf; for the same reason, it is illegal to lure victims into
PK areas or combat mazes under false pretexts.  While the MUD has adopted
code for player interference (see 'help revenge'), it is still illegal to
intentionally use this system to instigate player-killing with another

Keep in mind that MUD etiquette exists alongside mud rules.  If, for
example, you come into a room where another player is obviously preparing
to fight a mob and you attack the (unwounded) mob regardless, you are not
breaking the rules, but you ARE being rude.  Your attitude will go a long
way in defining how other players treat you in the game.

Global Quests are NOT an excuse to violate normal killstealing guidelines.

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