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Help Policies2

The general summary of this rule is that each player may have as many
characters as they desire, provided none of them interact with each other
and nobody else has access to them.

This rule is central to keeping advancement of all players fair and equal
on Aardwolf, and it is enforced very strictly.  A single player cannot have
multiple characters online at the same time, and multiple characters owned 
by a single player cannot aid each other in any way: no items, gold, trivia
points, or anything else may be transferred, directly or via a third party.
This includes logging off to spellup your alt's groupie and immediately
logging your alt back on to take indirect advantage of the spell-up.

If you use the recreate command, your new character is just that, a new and
different character.  It is illegal to leave anything (gold, quest/trivia
points, equipment, etc.) for your new character gained prior to recreating.

Only the original creator of a character should log in that character.  It
is illegal to sell or give away your character to someone else or share
passwords and log into another player's character.

Multiple characters logging from the same IP address will receive a note
about this policy; however, not seeing the note or purposely avoiding it by
using different sites does not make it legal.

If you are caught transferring items between or sharing your characters,
the least you can expect is to lose the items, whether 50 gold or an 
Aardwolf Aura of Sanctuary is involved.  Continued multiplaying will 
result in permanent removal of the characters involved.

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