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Help Subclass

Syntax: subclass list              : Lists subclass options for your class.
        subclass all              : Lists all subclass options.
        subclass change <option>  : Changes to a different subclass.

Subclasses are a feature still in development on Aardwolf.  Subclasses are
designed to be an extension of regular classes; they will not limit current
class skills and spells, nor will they be necessary to play the game.
Instead, they will enhance a player's selection of skills based upon their
primary class and the theme of the particular subclass chosen; a mage may
choose to focus on enchanting or using more powerful attack spells, while a
cleric may choose to be a powerful healer or call the wrath of his or her
god to bring powerful destruction.  In contrast, a mage won't be able to
use a Ninja's stealthy abilities or call upon a Shaman's totems.  Some
skills will complement other classes and subclasses, while others will
counteract these skills, ending in (hopefully) a variety of specialization
in skills/builds.

Existing characters are automatically set to the first of the three
subclass choices for their class when first logging in after the subclass
New characters and tiers select a subclass while in the (re-)creation
process.  Characters may also change subclass with the 'subclass' command. 
This may only be used once per 7 days; the time remaining until subclass
may be changed again will show in 'affects'/'saffects'.  Changing subclass
will clear all skills/spells (but not other timers) affecting a player.

Other important information regarding subclasses:

- Subclasses are based on primary class.  Primary class may be changed;
  see 'help classchange'.
- The 'allspells' command (see 'help allspells') will show most subclass
  abilities; however, many classes have additional bonuses integrated into
  other skills/spells.  'help search <subclass>' will help find these extra
- Given the complexity of some changes, certain abilities may come later
  for some subclasses than others.  Efforts will be made to balance new
  additions across all classes (rather than all mage subclasses first,
  for example).
- Except in extreme conditions, game balancing (mob stats, etc.) will wait
  until a majority of the subclass structure is complete.  Raiding is not
  disabled, but is 'at your own risk' until this balancing occurs.

Until otherwise noted, subclasses are still a work in progress.  Any
information or references may be incomplete and/or subject to change. No
purchase necessary.  Void where prohibited.

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