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Help Academy-faq

Q: I have completed the academy, is there any way to review information 
from it?

A: Yes, you can return to read the blackboards again, or read the help 
files. '
Help academy-index'.

Q: Help! I cannot find the mob for my quest!
A: Try checking a map! Aard's wiki page lists links to the various clan 
Quest info' will list the area name and the room name, so once you load the 
map for the area, simply look for the right room. '
Help newbie-quest
is a good helpfile to check out.

Q: Help! I cannot find the mob for my campaign!
A: Try using the command 'where' on the mob, once in the area. This will 
show you the room name of the mob, and follow the same steps as 
quests. '
Help newbie-campaign' is a good helpfile to check out.

Q: My CP mob does not show up on where! Does that mean I have to search 
every single room?

A: Not necessarily. Ensure you have 'detect invis' and 'detect hidden', 
as you might not be able to see the mob. Also, the mob might be 
dead, so try again right after a repop. It might be '
though, which means it will not show up on '
where', in which case 
you would have to try guess where it could be.
Q: I killed my CP mob, but it does not register?
A: There may be multiple mobs with the same name - 'Help mobkeys'. Try using 
the hunt trick to find the right one - '
Help hunt trick'.
Q: I can't drop an item! What do I do?
A: It is probably cursed - 'Heal curse' at any healer (There is a weak one 
north of recall, explore for stronger ones :) ) Or did you forget 
that you set the item to '
Q: What level should I buy Aard equipment?
* For worn equipment, it is often advised to start with a level 1 set.
    This is because you would then be able to wear it immediately after 
* For weapons, buy them at even levels, multiples of 10. This is 
    because they have a higher value that way, as their variable hr/dr 
    component comes every 10 levels. Check out '
help newbie-aarditems'.
* If you do not have much qp to spare, consider saving until level 
    80, as the weapon damage increases significantly then, and subsequent 
    intervals of 40. (Intervals of 20/10 for richer people ;) )
Q: I'm stuck in quicksand!
A: Read 'help quicksand' for ways to remedy that :)

Q: I finished the Academy, got my reward and accidentally lost it :(
A: First, write a note on personal to imm, as it's possible someone else
has picked it up. If it turns out your pin has been lost for good, you
can purchase a new one for 5TP from an immortal. Please note that owning
two pins is illegal and such an action would result in confiscation of

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