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Area: Winterfell

 Winterfell  (Level 150-170) (Lock 110) (Creator: Maarek)


Set during King Robert's visit to name Eddard stark, (Warden of the North), hand to the king. Explore the wintry keep of Winterfell, meeting various members of the Stark household, as well as visiting members of the Kings family, namely Lannisters and Baratheons. Members of the kingsguard are also to be seen including Ser Meryn Trant, and Ser Boros Blount.

Eat breakfast in the grand hall with Ser Jaime, or perhaps head off to the Godswood for some quiet reflection in front of the heart tree. However for those who worship the seven, and not the old gods, there is a sept. Maybe you could even uncover some of the Stark lineage by visiting the crypts deep below the castle. Oh, and watch out for the direwolves....they bite.

Set during a time of peace, it is little known how bad things will turn, and how quickly. For the full story I highly recommend the series "A song of ice and fire" by George Martin.


This area currently has no goal available.


This area was redone as Winterlands on May 31 2009.


Runto Winterfell

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