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Area: Ultima

 Creator: Casret
 Level Range: 5-50
 Repop Message: You can hear a bard playing on the harp nearby. 


This can be a frustrating area for low level individuals without the benefit of pass door, but once you learn your way around a little, it's not too hard. Each level has a locked moongate one needs to get through to get to the next higher level, and figuring out exactly which mob holds the moonstone key on any given level can be a pain. In short, the mob with the moonstone will be the unique mob on that level.

For those of you that just want to know without too much looking around, level one is the bat, level two the spider, level three the snake, level four the prisoner (a hidden mob), level five is the headless, level six is the squid, level seven the dragon and level eight is the daemon.

Of course, one could just go around looking at graffiti and found all this out anyway. :P


No goal has been added to this area yet.



Runto Vidblain Find the blue * on the map and type 'enter moongate'

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