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Area: TheRiverOfDespair

 Creator: Chewie
 Level Range: 30-40
 Repop Message: You hear a waterfall in the distance. 


Once upon a time, the River of Despair truly was a sad little place on the mud. It had a few mobs but one immortal looked at it and screamed, "OPPORTUNITY!" Citron added some fun mobs and a great goal to get players to keep coming back for more...

A side note, if you ate all that stuff too, you would have a belly ache! See the King to find out what to do!


 Clean up the River of Despair (Designer: Citron)

The water flowing through this vast river is grey and bitterly cold. It is the lifeblood and lifeforce of the Aquamarine King, and his life is quickly running short. A brave adventurer might tiptoe his way into the tunnels and caverns of the River of Despair, but he will quickly find himself confronted by legions of spirits, sprites and ghosts which have taken this place as their home.

The Aquamarine King isn't happy about it, though, so visit him and listen to his story to see how you might assist this unhappy monarch.

          Level Range               : 30 to 40
          Goal Difficulty           : Easy
          Goal recommended at       : Level 35


Take the day off and go fishing at the river. Word of advice, you may want to grab something to breathe underwater before you go... never know when you might find yourself exploring under the water.

This area was replaced by Mudwog's Swamp on Dec 7, 2011.


Runto River

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