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Area: ThePort

 Creator: Aaeron
 Level Range: 5-35
 Repop Message: Sights, Sounds and Smells all hit you, as the port gets busier. 



On the surface, the Port appears to be a peaceful seaside town, with little of interest to offer the average adventurer. But within the town's underbelly, certain nefarious individuals are recruiting for organized crime. Ambitious thieves may wish to pay a visit to The Port, but only if they have the skills and the stomach for it.

             Area Level Range    : 5 to 35
             Goal Difficulty     : Medium
             Goal Recommended at : 25
             Goal Minimum Level  : 25
             Goal Maximum Level  : 30


Goal Note: This quest is open to any evil-aligned thief, full time (pclass) or part-time (remort), level 25 to 30.

This area was replaced by Brightsea and Glimmerdim on Oct 11, 2011.


Runto Port

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