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Area: TheOrchard

 Creator: Mort
 Level Range: 1-5
 Repop Message: The weeds grow in the orchard once again. 


While situated outside the east gate of Aylor, this beautiful orchard is still considered city property. This serene location is simply swarming with wildlife, something of a rarity with it being so close to the city. There is even a treehouse should you see the need to stay the night. There are usually gardeners about, and it is considered polite to keep your treehouse frolics, and other noisy activities like "truth or dare" to a minimum. Remember your bug spray, and enjoy this wonderful area.


 Help Kimr clear the orchard of weeds and fire ants. (Designer: Lasher)

The once peaceful and scenic orchard has a problem with the local wildlife.

Visit Kimr, the head gardener, to see how you may assist him.

          Level Range                        : 1 to 5
          Goal Difficulty                    : Easy
          Recommended Goal Level             : 1


If you head to the far north of the area it will lead you to the Wood Elves of Nalondir. The mobs in the orchard are easy, and ideal for those first few levels.

Repop Message

The weeds grow in the orchard once again.


If you complete the goal, you get a decent low level breastplate as a reward!


Runto Orchard

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