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Area: TheMarketRoad

 Creator: Satin
 Level Range: 1-1
 Repop Message: The market road is cleaned as janitors rush around. 



There is currently no goal available for this area.


Situated near the end of Dragon Road in southern Mesolar, this is a shopping centre outside of the main city drag. There is even a pub for those dragged out by their spouses on an "exciting shopping adventure". Marriage facilities are also available, as well as a hotel with a very nice honeymoon suite, and a beautiful view out to the south. Shops are as follows -

The Jewelers

Mainly rings for sale, a lot of them engagement rings. All eq here is humming but it can still be illuminated. The eq is also armor type which means enhance armor and reinforce will work.

The Butchers

I'm not entirely convinced of the usefulness of this shop, but if you were looking for a "whole dead cow", this may be the place for you.

The Trading Post

Very useful little shop. All eq here is level 1 and can be fully enchanted as well as being armor type.

The Florist

This florist is unlike the Aylorian florist because it sells rare and expensive flowers. Unfortunately no delivery service is available. The flowers can be enchanted and worn as take-hold, or given to a loved one by way of apology for spending the entire shopping trip in Ohara's pub.

The Giftshop

Various rubbish here. A level 50 weapon which increases your backstab...that's about it.

Other things of note, a chapel, a courthouse, and a disused cafe. This area leads to Descent to Hell via said cafe.


Runto Market

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