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* %newwin%[[| Light's Keep of Kearvek Map]]
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Creator: [[Galos]] [[Lupercus]]
Level Range: 175-201
Repop Message: You feel Kearvek's power growing stronger.

!!Story %For those areas that have it, can be left off others, but stories probably shouldn't go in comments.%

Deep in the wilderness, on the top of a hill, there is a Keep. A powerful
Keep, home to a powerful Vampire, the Dark God, Kearvek. Within his stone
structure many innocent elves, humans and eldars are sacrificed in his
name and in his quest for power. Many minions, Lords and Guardians are
protecting him, but a few brave souls have infiltrated the Keep and are in
dire need of help. The leader of this group is Coran, a mysterious being who
may be of some help should you mention Kearvek to her.

Level Range : 175 to 201
Goal Difficulty : Medium
Goal Recommended at : 190
Goal Min Level : 175
Goal Converter : Lupercus
Area Author : Lupercus (layout by Galos)

Area added September 8th 2009. Replaces Cthos Mishrak.


Runto Kearvek

!!External Links
* %newwin%[[|Gaardian's text searchable map of The Keep Of Kearvek]] (%newwin%[[|VI accessible version]])