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Area: TheImperialCityOfReme

 Creator: Rekhart
 Level Range: 30-100 (Lock: 15)
 Repop Message: Bronze ranks clash, rising from their earthen graves anew. Hail Reme! 



 Something Fishy in the City of Reme (Designer: Citron)

Welcome to the Grand City of Reme, where Justice, Mercy, and the Humane treatment of seagulls is a distant memory. The Emperor has gone mad, the Empress spends more on her dogs' breakfasts than the yearly income of a family of peasants, and seagulls have infested the place. Want to help? The Priest of Claire is looking for a few brave souls who might be able to clean up the city!

             Level Range         : 30 to 100
             Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
             Goal recommended at : Level 50



Runto Reme

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