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Area: TheGladiatorsArena

 The Gladiator's Arena  (Level 80-100) (Creator: Atreidess)


Gladiator - glad"i*a'tor (noun)
1) A person, usually a professional combatant, a captive, or a slave, trained to entertain the public by engaging in mortal combat with another person or a wild animal in the Arena.

All throughout history, Man (and most other races) have fought. Wars, for virtually any reason (or often none at all) occur constantly, and in every war a slew of Heroes are created. Most of these Heroes, usually the best fighters of their time, went on to spend the rest of their lives fighting for sport or show. These men were called Gladiators.

Even in times of peace, men honed their fighting skills, then fought in competitions (often times lethal ones) for prizes or outright pay. These men, too, were called Gladiators.

For thousands of years, Gladiators have been the most feared and respected men of their times. These are the men most skilled at virtually every form of combat, with every type of weapon and against every type of foe imaginable. In many parts of the world, they are nearly a religion unto themselves, worshiped as walking gods.

Over the millennia, as nations and empires rose and fell, one thing has remained constant; the love of the sport.

In modern times, enormous stadiums have been built to house tens of thousands as they watch the best Gladiators in the land compete in a myriad of challenges, with the blood flowing freely. The greatest of these, the Gladiator's Arena, has stood like a nation unto itself for more decades than any alive can remember, allowing Gladiators of all races to train or compete to the delight of the enormous crowds of spectators. For a small fee, of course...

Area added August 15, 2006.


             Level Range         : 80 to 100
             Goal Difficulty     : Difficult
             Goal recommended at : Level 95
             Goal Max Level      : Level 96


To enter that area, try listening to the guard.

Goal Notes: - The Gladiator's Arena quest can still be completed multiple times after the goal itself is done.

            - After completing the goal, you may be able to find a way to make your reward more... permanent.


Runto Gladiator

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