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Area: TheFlyingCitadel

 Creator: Jakalair
 Level Range: 50-70 (Lock: 20)
 Repop Message: The winds shift as the citadel moves again. 



Since the beginning of time, the forces of light and dark have battled. Many years have passed and no one is quite sure why anymore. The light side blames the dark for their evil ways and uncaring attitudes. The dark side blames the light for their easy going, happy-go-lucky ways. Only one person can truly sort all this out. Malcrom has been trying to determine who is truly to blame for centuries. All he lacks are the stories from each side, but he is stuck in the clouds and cannot retrieve the stories from each. Once he gets both sides of the story, surely he will be able to figure out who started it all.

             Level Range         : 50 to 70
             Goal Difficulty     : Easy
             Goal Recommended at : 70
             Goal Converter      : Alixana


Wander a few rooms and make sure you are reading carefully what the mobiles have to say.


Runto Citadel

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