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* %newwin%[[ | Emerald's Gypsy Caravan Map]]
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* %newwin%[[ | Emerald's Gypsy Caravan Map]]
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Creator: Justme & Rumour
Level Range: 200-201
Repop Message: The Gypsy Caravan is open for business!

!!Story %For those areas that have it, can be left off others, but stories probably shouldn't go in comments.%
Market Road was a beloved area by many. Unfortunately, due to rezoning
guidelines, Market Road was rezoned from a no mob newbie area to a superhero
area made for leveling.

In fact, the zoning police were so adamant about fixing this quickly (there
were fines involved or so I understand), they did not put a goal in the
area. They instead added more repops of mobs. You would not believe how
much the pay off was for that one.

The gypsies, however, had a trick of their own. Prior to the MarketRoad
tenants moving out, they stole a lot of their stuff and are selling it as
their own! Never fear, folks, the lingerie remains safe in the Caravan.

Come by and visit the Gypsy Caravan when you come of age. You might run
into some old and familiar faces as well as meet some new ones.

Level Range :200 or higher
Area Authors :Justme and Rumour
Goal :None!

Note: This area replaces Market Road.



!!External Links
* %newwin%[[|Gaardian's text searchable map of Gypsy Caravan]] (%newwin%[[|VI accessible version]])