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Area: CloudCityOfGnomalin

 Creator: Aardwolf Community
 Level Range: 5-35
 Repop Message: The wind blows, the clouds shift, and a slight shudder runs through the city.


Stories are told of an ancient race of short, stumpy little people who stole children and left gifts. The legend says that they were always about, but hidden from ordinary sight. Over the centuries their population diminished until most thought gnomes were the stuff of fantasy or the imaginary playmates of children. Recently, however, evidence of the existence of gnomes has appeared in the southern reaches of the mesolar. In the midst of a grassy field, a flattened area is sometimes occupied by a huge airship designed and constructed by the gnomes to transfer cargo and visitors to the city held within the clouds above. Quite amazingly, the city seems to hold together just fine, although the wind does cause slight shifts in the walls now and then. Venture forth, then, and brave the flight. The Cloud City of Gnomalin awaits you.

Area added Jul 26, 2008.


 help the forgotten one remember his past (Designer: Chicomecoatl)

Times are not the greatest as one of the gnomes' idols has gone from sight. The God of Calm has taken a leave of absence, and with him all that is left is turmoil and corruption.

Will you be the one to take on the challenge and find the calm in the storm of peril?

             Level range         : 1 to 35
             Goal Difficulty     : Easy
             Goal Recommended at : Level 25


Read the beginning room descriptions carefully, as to enter the bulk of the area requires you to find a custom exit.


Runto Gnomalin

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